As you consider this question, mull over anything you’ve already created or outlined and make a statement, however imperfect, about what you see/envision for your signature program. You might mull over the following: What is the name of your program? What date do you want your program to begin? Keep in mind, you're not looking at logistics, number of lessons or length yet. Simply list what you want in the world, why and the main outcome.
For the purposes of this question - pick ONE client. You can always repeat this process later for a different set of clients. As you consider this question, you might mull over: What major issue is your dream client consumed with? What's the number one result/takeaway you want your clients to have?
As you consider this question, you might mull over: What price feels good? What is the most logical starting point for you? What’s your income goal? (I suggest you set a “meets” goal and a “stretch” goal.)
As you consider this question, daydream a little and: Pretend I'm the client you've picked above and walk me through exactly what happens when I buy, and what happens next. Hold my hand and tell me each step so I'm clear on what to expect. This will help you outline your on-boarding process and consider FAQs (frequently asked questions) you want to cover, in addition to the real FAQs you actually get from your clients.
As you review, you might mull over: What's the most natural way for you to connect with new people. Yes, there are many ways to do it, but what works best for you in your natural state? Do you love to chat on the phone? love to create videos? love to write? love to speak? love to connect in community/groups? Something else? What comes most naturally to you? What's most exciting for you? Reconfirm your answer.
As you consider this question, you might mull over: What one specific and consistent action (or step of actions) do you plan to take to stay on track as you share your program with your dream clients?
As you consider this question, you might mull over: Any fuzzy gray areas? Any places you feel particularly stuck and want to address early on, so you can shift how you see it? ...a few examples: type of program, platform for your program, vision for how it works, etc. Write them down.