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Digital VIP Bootcamp + Membership If you're just getting started and need to get clear on your process, get a focused plan and figure out exactly what you want to create for your audience this bootcamp and membership is for you. I'll also help you figure if a signature program is right for you and your community.
$49/month. 3 month commitment. 100% Virtual and Online. Always available to current clients and community. Email me at to begin.

Launch Your Signature Program Launch your first signature program online with my on-demand program.
$1000, or $250 for 4 months. 100% Virtual and Online. Always available to current clients. Next live round: Winter 2017. Email me at to begin.

Create Your Signature Program. This is a custom VIP experience that helps you create (or update) your first successful signature program, and then fill and run your program online for "fun and profit." You get 1 to 1 time with me, along with a mastermind of up to 5 peers on the same path.
$5,000 or $1,250/month for 4 months.

This program has a live component that happens in sunny Palos Verdes (Southern California). We meet live first, complete a 90-day virtual mastermind online and wrap in-person to celebrate.

The upcoming start dates are: June 27th, September 5th, November 1st, January 23rd.

Apply to join this program. I want to make sure this is the right fit for you and your business. When you sign up below I'll send you the application. I'll also share more about the experience, the amazing location and answer any questions you have. Enter your details below to get started.

Frequently Asked Question: Any thoughts on the investment?

I believe in investing in myself and my business. And, I've been doing this work for over a decade (over 6 years in my own online business). But more importantly, I know my stuff. I stay up to date, in the know and I love helping my clients get their next level of results

When you show up and do this work, you will multiply your investment (year over year). You'll get the expert hands-on help you've been craving. You'll also finally have a major breakthrough with how you take ownership of your ideas and work with your own clients to help them get their next level of results. 

Frequently Asked Question: Can this really work for my stage of business?

If you're clear and ready to take action, yes. I've designed each experience for you to get the type of support that helps you focus and create your finished signature program. The best client for this type of work already has a message they want to share with the world and they're ready to test it out, or put together a marketable product to share with their clients.

Frequently Asked Question: How much 1 to 1 work should I complete before I create a program?

As I noted above, my best client's have a message they want to share with the world and they're ready to test it out, or put together a marketable product to share with their audience. That means you've probably had some direct contact with your clients and you know what they want, even if you haven't focused on 1 to 1. You're also ready to do the work (I'll show you) to confirm you have a profitable idea.

And, as you've probably already guessed, you can't create an amazing signature program from the sidelines. Your program actually only gets better when you're doing it. So that means doing more 1 to 1 work doesn't help you create a better program. Focusing on your program helps you create a better program.

Frequently Asked Question: Can I chat with you privately to make sure working together is the right fit for me?

You absolutely can. Start here.

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...Final marketable product... Just to be clear - it is not about having something partially completed and I can now work on it on my own. It was about a completed marketable product... Working with you was a HUGE massive benefit to me.

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Before I started my business in 2011, I sold online programs, taught online classes and created online curriculum for other people.

For the last 6 years, I've built, launched and successfully sold online classes, products and programs for myself.

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