Before you start to dig into what you “should” be doing, or what you ought to include on your client application – give yourself an opportunity to consider what you already know you need to do, or want to do when it comes to your application and the process that follows it.

Do you need to update something? Get rid of something? Focus in on something that’s already working?

Give yourself the space to do a bit of self-inquiry first

Take a pause for a moment, and give yourself an opportunity to shift your perspective, to consider what’s possible, and what you want to happen when your clients apply.

Often times you know where you want to start, or you have a vision for what you want next…

Let what you already know and your vision inform the action you take; let it inform your next steps.

When clients come to me, and ask for help with this, their client application process is typically not what they want it to be – it’s often messy, manual, and in need of an update.

Something is working to get their client’s in the door, but they understand that a little fine-tuning and some clear messaging about how to apply, what to expect, and how working with them works will go a long way.

Success, and a feeling of ‘I accomplished that’, comes when their application and the process surrounding it is organized, mostly automated and lends to more of their right clients applying, because it so clearly informs and calls in their right clients.

Of course, taking the time to really thoughtfully craft your client application, and the process around it also leads to a much better client experience overall.

So, what’s your strategy for making this happen?

On this week’s episode of Bring More You to Your Work, I share the first steps of my strategy with you…

Be sure to listen in for the questions to ask and what you should consider as you update your application process: How to Craft An Amazing Client Application

Keep in mind, the first action, really is doing what I mention above ⬆️, a self-inquiry on what you want your clients to experience when they apply.

So, what is your vision for your client application?

Be sure to listen in, especially if you need some help after your initial self-inquiry: