How To Create A Better Process So You Produce Quality Content.

(Use What You Already Know.)

So, often I hear the question, "How do I improve how I create my content?"

Or, "How do I improve my content creation process?"

So...let's evaluate.

Have you taken the time to consider that maybe you already have a process?

...because you do have a process.

You may or may not like it.

It may or may not be working for you.

And you may or may not be improving your business with the current process you have for creating content.

...but you have a process.

And, each and every time you do it, you have an opportunity to improve how you create.

Now, if your process isn't working for you, you may want to create one that is more streamlined or that removes you from the equation more often (whether that's using the right tools or hiring a Virtual Assistant).

Or, you may want to create in a way that allows you to do things very quickly or in a certain way.

Here are some more specific questions to consider…

1. Is your process flawed? What specifically don't you like?

2. Are you trying to fit your process into a box that someone else created to work uniquely and specifically for them, instead of trying to improve what is already working for you?

3. How can you take your current process, including the flaws, and make it work for you?

4. How can you create boundaries, structures and workflows that will allow you to create in a way that supports and improves what you already have going on?

5. What's already naturally effortless to you?

It's possible that your process isn't flawed at all ...maybe you just need to refine.

Now, here's why I say this...

I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to perfect, how I create content.

(This also applies to how I schedule my day and create a system that works for me, my clients and that best positions me to bring in a consistent revenue.)

I struggled because I was trying to fit into someone else's mold.

Now, I'm one of those people who's studied various creation and organization styles, tried them on for size and had a lot of trial in error, both back when I was in corporate and as an entrepreneur.

And, oh, I definitely love to plan. I just like taking action (and the results it brings) a whole lot better.

In any case, over time, I started to notice patterns, times that work best for me to create, and specific productivity tools and strategies that work just right for me.

So, I tweaked my schedule and my systems for exactly what I needed.

It started with deeper reflection when I had a really productive day or week of content creation.

When I was productive, I'd ask myself...

"What did I do? How can I process that out?

How can I systematize what I'm already doing and make it better?"

That's how I created a content creation system that works and that I continue to improve.

That's also how I stay consistent.

And, that's how I have the opportunity to take time off and really enjoy the time I spend in my business.

I didn't change my nature.

I didn't necessarily change what I do, at it's core, and I didn't try to change my own process into someone else's process.

I took the "Maya process", I figured out what worked, put a great flow into it, and I continued to improve it over time.

Now, I have something that works for me and that allows me to take time off when I want to and when I need to.

Final Word:

To improve my content creation process, I took what I was naturally good at and made it better.

How can you improve your own content creation process?

Instead of trying to force a fit or trying to figure out how to get it all in, consider what's already working for you and how to make it better.

What are you trying to fit into someone else's box without adding your own unique flair or spin to it?

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