Some of my favorite tools (that I actually use and love).

The tech tools I use to plan, grow and run my online business are below. (Some links below are affiliate links. But I only share what I actually use and love. Enjoy!)

ActiveCampaign. (my preferred email marketing + automation tool).  It's what I use and what I highly recommend for sending regular emails to your subscribers. Email marketing, outreach, weekly newsletters and more.

Acuity Scheduling. (how I make scheduling online appointments easy).

I use Acuity to easily schedule appointments.  It completely eliminates  back and forth emails and shows exactly when I'm available in your time zone. I'm also able to remind my clients of an upcoming appointment via email or text.

Zoom. (my private online meeting space for clients + community).

I use zoom for all my VIP 1 to 1 calls, my mastermind calls and live Q + A calls for my clients and community. I love it! Once you download it, it's an easy to use, private online space where we can meet, live, face to face. I can share my screen and you can share yours with me. It creates a really fluid online experience for my clients when we meet live, online. It's not without it's hiccups, but it's one of the best, and what I use to stay connected with my clients online.

Others I Use Often:

SiteGround- where I host and manage my site.

Google Drive - where I store my business files and create shared documents.

Google Chrome Bookmark Manager  - where I access stuff I use often. 

Simplenote  - my daily checklist, drafts, other notes and reminders.

Amazon S3 - where I store audio files and pdfs I plan to share.

MoonClerk- easy to setup + use recurring and one-time online payments.

Zapier- use this to save time by creating simple automations.

Slack - where I chat with my remote, global team, and my mastermind.

LastPass - how I create secure, multi-layered passwords.

Thrive Themes - how I create landing pages and custom pages for my site.

Paid Memberships Pro - for logins, classes and secure paid content.

Vimeo - my preferred tool for video storage.

GoDaddy - this is where I buy and manage my domain names.

Boomerang for Gmail - how I schedule email and send myself reminders.

For Printables:

I use the tools below for business cards, printables, handouts and books, as needed, for VIP and very occasional in-person events.

Moo - Moo is good for business cards and customizable journals and print outs.

Blurb - wonderful for full color, and all kinds of high quality books.

Basic Tools for Home Office Lighting and Video Recordings:

Use the tools below to create a basic home office setup that looks professional and that gives you options. It's worth noting that the soft white light bulbs really do soften the light, and having light bulb options gives you more lightening options and flexibility.

Amazon Photography Backdrops - I'd simply pick one you like, with a solid rating, and try it out.

Basic Lighting Kit You Can Adjust - with this kit and the light and lightbulb below, I'm set for almost any time of the day.

Basic lamp - specifically this one because you can easily move and adjust the light.

Cameras: For your laptop/computer. Simple Video Camera that's portable.

Jenny Shih
Creator of Make It Work Online.

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