Concept To Cash Flow: The Summer Retreat
Position Yourself As A Leader. Create Your Own Table.

July 18th - September 27th

Find Your Core. Take Up Space.

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any." - Alice Walker

If you’re in health and wellness (physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual) and you want to use what you already know to create your own table, consider joining Concept to Cash Flow: The Summer Retreat.

It’s a summer-long retreat that’s designed for and that centers black women, and women of color, business owners.

12 weekly calls. 90 days of community, connection and mentorship support. 2, 1 to 1 strategy calls to help you thrive. (Plus, I’ve included a bonus week.) Totally aligned and thoughtfully crafted to help you create and finish your signature program.

There will be space, because space has been made, for contemplation and personal practice. 

You'll leave with a completed signature program (and a process) you can use to share your signature style with the world (and to increase your income and impact with your most ideal clients).

3 Months, 3 Phases:

Start where you are... Leave with a completed signature program that you've actually launched.


3 Full Days of Signature Program Content Creation

July 18  - July 20

A deliberately designed 3-day workshop training. (It's virtual. We are live on Zoom.)

I guide you through my signature program content creation process. Side-by-side we confidently create and finish the content for your signature program. 

Before we meet live for the workshop, we'll set the tone by meeting 1 to 1. Together, we'll confirm your focus so you know exactly what we're creating during our time together.

I highly recommend that you attend each of the 3 days for the live workshop. (It's an amazing way to create your content with my live guidance and customized-for-you support.) A recording will be available.

If you have an existing program and you've previously been through this process, a deeper dive with a program audit may be better suited. We'll discuss your options during our 1 to 1 call.

Boutique-y. Immersive. Retreat Energy. The Content for your finished marketing program complete.

You Leave With: All of your signature program content completed.


Your Signature Program Framework Practicum

July 21  - August 10th

Post live workshop training, we kick off your mentorship with a focus on implementing my signature program framework. 

During this phase, I’ll guide you through: Voice, Delivery and Experience. 

Step 1: Own your voice and practice your positioning: You’ll practice engaging your clients and asking for the sale.

Step 2: Become masterful with your delivery: I’ll teach you the easy way to setup your tech and program platform so you can effortlessly deliver your program. 

Step 3: Command an amazing program experience: I’ll show you how to create your visual roadmap so you know exactly how to successfully run your program.

Each phase builds on the other to help you craft a truly purposeful and profitable signature group program.

You Leave With: A completed program that’s ready to purchase, and experience with engaging your most ideal clients so you can confidently sell your program.


Launch and Grow Your Signature Program Online

Aug 11th - Sept 27th

Once you've completed the Signature Program Framework Practicum, your summer-long retreat continues...

In this phase, we'll focus on deepening the work. I'll show you how to get what YOU need to grow your signature program.

We will center your personal practice, and take special care with planning how you spend your weeks and days.

During this summer retreat round, we'll also "launch" your program. It will, however, feel like you're simply sharing what you've already created for your audience. I’ll be by your side, to help you run your program and create the best experience for you and your clients.

You Leave With: A purposeful and profitable signature program you know how to deliver.

The Bonuses

Bonus 1… A monthly email writing clinic where I show you how to fully express what you want to say (and schedule it in advance if you want). Ultimately this is time to thoughtfully plan what you want to share with your community each month and begin the work. 

Bonus 2… September 20 - 22. While most of our work will be virtual, as a bonus, I’m including a retreat in Southern Cali to help you close out the summer season and celebrate how far you’ve come. It is fully inclusive… breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 3 days, 2 nights of lodging in a breathtaking location just outside the city. (I’ve reserved a villa for us just outside of San Diegoabsolutely beautiful with an amazing view.) You simply need to get yourself here.  

Now, not later, is the best time to buy because the level of service and the bonuses I'm including in the summer retreat are unmatched (even for me). Plus, thru Tuesday, July 2nd, I'm including a special payment option just for you (just email me at heymaya@mayagaddie.com for the details).

"I was able to really shift... and to really come from a place of complete self-confidence and complete confidence in my work, complete confidence in the program that I have created with Maya's help." - Laure Carter

More Client Testimonials

You can create your own table, take ownership over your work and transform how you share what you already know. Join us.

"You have helped me make my business better because you pretty much helped me build it from the ground up.... Sold 10 spots in a class and I thought the price would scare people away... You helped me realize that just because I don't sell B2B, it doesn't mean that I can't make a profitable living off of selling a course online. I made so much progress..."

Samone Thomas Blakely

Curved to Cuffed, a Private 3-Month Group Mentorship

"I’ve learned to value what I do... and how much value someone is getting. You get confidence!" ...and the constant looking at results and actual numbers instead of some like airy fairy stuff in my head about how I’m progressing. And so, I really feel motivated..."

Eden Croft

Prosper In Beauty: Presents Make Your First Conditioner

"You will not be playing small. There's a particular type of person, of woman... She really has to be motivated because it's usually the woman who's tired of playing small, or at least recognizing, okay playing in the sandbox is not what I'm meant to do. ...Don't be afraid of the challenge."

Laure Carter

12 Weeks to a Lighter You, an online group coaching program based on Laure Carter's popular VIP program for sustainable and permanent weight loss.

"Thanks for helping me build my first course, which became a book, which became an even better course. You provide an extremely valuable service to anyone wanting to get their idea into a format to teach others. Just wanted to pop into this post and tell your folks know how amazing things have been since working with you."

Carl "Crush" Foster

An Electric Journey: How to Ignite an Alkaline Lifestyle

"I feel smarter. Not overwhelmed with to-do’s, but clarity and precision on what I needed to move forward. Hell yes! I wish I knew you three to four years ago. I wouldn’t have sifted through the internet, lost in space and details."

Rhina Ju

Brand Stylist, Designer & Personal Curator

A Little Bit About Maya

Before I started my business in 2011, I sold online programs, taught online classes and created online curriculum for other people.

For the last 8 years, I've built, launched and successfully sold profitable (and purposeful) signature group program, for myself and my clients.

Let me show you how to create ultimate flexibility over how you spend your time and use what you already know to create a program that gets results for you and your clients.

If you have a question, please email Maya at heymaya@mayagaddie.com

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