This morning at the gym my personal trainer took the time to get the details right.

He always does.

He really stands by an important value to him… that you, the client, feel valued, heard and understood.

He wants to “change lives” and be remembered as the person who really helped you learned the why behind the how.

Good form, good posture, focused movements. It’s a hard workout, but not forceful, it’s all in flow.

He also tells good stories, shares about his mom and turns good analogies into wonderful examples to explain each workout.

You can tell that he wants you to know how to workout, effectively, even when he’s not around. For him, it’s not a workout, it’s training. He’s training your mind for the long-term so you become more than proficient and strong, so you can do it on your own, so you can do it well.

I know I can benefit from a fitness coach who knows the ropes, who can keep me accountable, who will push me outside of my comfort zone, but not so hard that I fall over and pass out;) …just right so I move forward with a healthy balance of discomfort, growth and progress.

My fitness coach and I have similar values when it comes to working with clients.

You see my clients who show up consistently and do the work leave with an amazing finished product, a signature program they’ve poured their voice, their experience, their magic into.

But that’s not how it starts…

Before we do our work together, there’s a gap in knowledge and know-how.

So we work on it together. I walk you through my process. Then, I guide you.

I share what’s next each step of the way, and I share why we’re doing it…do this, get this result.

I also “change lives”, help you transform from your before to your after, and I help you focus on good form, specific steps, your technique.

With my help, you get excellent at creating a finished signature program and at selling your program to your audience. You also get even better at helping your clients have a transformation from your program.

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