Get Clear:

It's Time For You to Get Clear on 

What Signature Program to Sell Online

and Learn How to Sell It.

This 60-minute talk is my super affordable crash course that will show you how to decide what program to sell and how to validate your own successful sales process.

I'm offering this talk for $20.

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Eden CroftProsper In Beauty Presents Make Your First Conditioner: The Conditioner Base Block Workshop

I went from doing 1 sale of a $97 course on Clickbank to selling 13 over a period of about 3 months – without really making any overt or aggressive offers. I also picked up 3 coaching clients. 

People should know that you are for real. That what they are trying to achieve is actually important to you. That you are all in for their win. You’ll get as much out of it as you are willing to give. After working with you I know that everything can be figured out right now. There is never any need to defer to a perfect time or circumstance. The perfect time is when you decide you are truly ready.

Octavia VanceBe Truly Faithful Sexinar Series

I ended up having my first workshop ever. Never done anything like that before online... And charged for it. And people paid. And so, that was a really big thing for me that boosted my confidence... I know what I want to do and I want to do this again and again.

Samone BlakelyChoose The Right Man

Sold 10 spots in a class and I thought the price would scare people away... You helped me realize that just because I don't sell B2B, it doesn't mean that I can't make a profitable living off of selling a course online.

Li LinLinkedIn Famous

...previously I had created classes but had put in tons of effort but with 0 amounts in revenue. With the help of Maya kicking my butt in only 5 days I had my first sale within 10 minutes! I want to thank her for being so clear and structured in the challenge and highly recommend her program!

Carl "Crush" FosterAn Electric Journey: How to Ignite an Alkaline Lifestyle

Thanks for helping me build my first course, which became a book, which became an even better course. You provide an extremely valuable service to anyone wanting to get their idea into a format to teach others. Just wanted to pop into this post and tell your folks know how amazing things have been since working with you.

Amber DuggerFinancial and Wellness Expert Making Certified Health Coaches More Profitable

I have an amazing system that I know I can now implement, no matter what I do. Even if decide to do something completely different than money coaching... I have now this beautiful system and method to take an idea and make it into a reality. So that's really been a huge thing.

...You're a shining example of your own method. I've doubled my list, I've made money off my new thing, which is huge, like I have my first real group program. I've done 1 on 1 coaching for a long time. But to actually be able to say now, okay I have a group starting Monday, that was something, a big thing!

Crystal SmithAuthentic Woman Mastermind

I love the fact that you do take on more of a mentorship role... and launching my workshop. That was a big deal! I did that. Now I feel like I have something to build off of. And, I observe the way you serve. That's definitely how I want people to feel in my business.

Molly GreenEveryone Wants To Hire You

...Final marketable product... Just to be clear - it is not about having something partially completed and I can now work on it on my own. It was about a completed marketable product... Working with you was a HUGE massive benefit to me.

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I created this talk so you can get clear and start to sell more of your program. I know this works. I use it and my clients use it too. That's why I offer a guarantee.

Look, I take this work seriously, so I do require that you do the work and submit it. However, if for some reason you listen to the talk, work through the checklist and decide it's not right for you, just show me you did the work, and I'll hit the refund button so you get a full refund on your $39 bucks.