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How We Work Together

You’re in the right place if you’re ready to complete and grow your signature coaching program based on work you’re already doing with your clients.

I focus on high-touch mentoring, guidance and support that helps you fill your program with your ideal clients.

I work best with clients who have an existing passion, knowledge or expertise. 

Where To Begin

Let’s make sure we’re a good fit.

Your first step is to connect with me live and chat 1 to 1.

We we connect, we’ll have a refreshingly real chat about what you need to do to grow your signature program.

I’ll share my thoughts on your next best step. And, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.

If I can help, I’ll extend an invite to work with me and tell you how to get started at the end of our chat. (There’s a group that starts early January, but you might be interested in 1:1 or an intensive. We’ll talk about which one is best for you.)

Also good to know: I only work with clients that are a great fit, but I strive for excellent service at every turn. So, even if you aren’t a fit, you’ll get a short personal email from me sharing where to begin and my very best resources and recommendations for your next step. Let’s chat and get you on the road to your next step!

Take the First Step

Samone T

“Sold 10 spots in a class and I thought the price would scare people away... You helped me realize that just because I don't sell B2B, it doesn't mean that I can't make a profitable living off of selling a course online.”

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 5.11.54 PM

“Thanks for helping me build my first course, which became a book, which became an even better course. You provide an extremely valuable service to anyone wanting to get their idea into a format to teach others. Just wanted to pop into this post and tell your folks know how amazing things have been since working with you.”

Li 1

“...previously I had created classes but had put in tons of effort but with 0 amounts in revenue. With the help of Maya kicking my butt in only 5 days I had my first sale within 10 minutes! I want to thank her for being so clear and structured...and highly recommend her program.”


“Final marketable product. Just to be clear, it is not about having something partially completed and I can now work on it on my own. It was about a completed marketable product... Working with you was a HUGE massive benefit to me.”