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B-school. my preferred online program for those just starting out, or for those who want to amp up their existing business with an amazing community.  I'm a B-school alumni (and affiliate) who really benefited from the program material and the community that comes with the program. Highly recommend checking this one out. Marie's highly useful free training is currently available.

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3 Little Known Shifts. Inside this 3-part audio training (each of the 3 trainings are just 5 minutes or less) I share how to do the one thing that will lead you to clarity and more results, faster.  

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Grab the Top 7 Tools to Launch (and Grow) Profitable Signature Programs. Take a peek inside what I use to build my program (and my business). I share the tool, and exactly why and how I use it.

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Crystal Smith
Speaker, Teacher, Mentor.
Creator of Authentic Women Mastermind.

I love the fact that you do take on more of a mentorship role. ...and launching my workshop. That was a big deal! I did that. Now I feel like I have something to build off of. And, I observe the way you serve. That's definitely how I want people to feel in my business."