Profit and Flow

Make "10K per Month with your Online Signature Program" Your New Normal.

You’re going to fill your online  signature program.

You're smart, knowledgeable, ready to make your mark and hit 10K per month.

You just need to know what to stop doing, and what to focus on instead, so you can work in your genius zone and make the type of income you want to make.

You know you can work with your ideal clients, make a major impact and leverage what you already know and love …you just need a little help.

I can help you make sure you get there.

Profit and Flow is a high-impact mentorship program with implementation support for service-based business owners ready to make their vision of 10K per month from their online signature program a reality.

Inside this program, you’ll leverage your income, impact and the info (you already know and love).

Income - hit new milestones, your next level and make 10K a month with your program your new normal.

Impact - make a massive impact with the results you get for your ideal clients.

Info - use what you already know to leverage your ideas and how you spend your time with your clients.

In Profit and Flow, you get exactly what you need to move the needle. Every part of this program is built to get you to 10K per month with your online signature program, that's why we focus on:

- Voice - a signature program you can use to confidently share your voice in a way that resonates with your clients.

- Delivery - a repeatable process you can integrate and deliver to generate recurring income, every month.

- Experience - an epic experience that’s a joy for you to lead and a pleasure for your clients to receive.

Profit and Flow …and that’s kind of the point right?

You already have a clear vision, a message you want to share and a strong opinion , but you know you can only get so far on your own…

You want to know: What’s it gonna take? Is this opportunity right for me?

If you’re excited about this program how do you know for sure it's a fit? To be clear…

Here’s what you’re going to need to make it work:

- Focused Action (don’t come here to play, come here to do the work, show up and follow through, be fully in for leveraging and monetizing what you already know).

- You’re Ready to Invest ( We’re not rolling with bargain basement pricing. Run the numbers though, this mentorship program is a small percentage of an investment when you compare it to your increase in income and impact, and the dedicated implementation support you receive).

- You Believe in Your Work (and you’re ready to immerse yourself in it, you’re eager to highlight your own unique perspective and experience, you know what you want is yours and you’re here to get it).

The Bonuses That Come with The Program before December 31st!

1.) The Best Payment Option. 5 x payment plan for the quarter. (This is the only time I offer this payment plan option each year.) 

2.) 3 Hours of Dedicated Tech Support Included (Each Month). You're Supported By A Committed and Focused Tech Professional.

3.) VIP Social Media Scheduling Included (Each Month). To Help You Bring in Leads That Convert to Sales. 

4.) Additional 1:1 time for up to 90 Minutes (Each Month). Additional Dedicated 1:1 Time To Perfect Your Strategy and Work Your Plan. 

5.) Instant Access to Plan to Be Profitable. My Series that Helps You Plan for Profit and Success in 2019.

What comes standard with the program...

Remember, we're focused on voice, delivery and experience, so you get:

- a signature program you can use to confidently share your voice.

- a repeatable process you can integrate and deliver to generate recurring income, every month.

- an epic experience that’s a joy for you to lead and a pleasure for your clients to receive.

- a small group of other seriously committed service-based business owners also doing the work to make 10K per month with their online signature program their new normal.

- dedicated implementation support to help you make 10K per month with your signature program your new normal.

- structured guidance on exactly what to implement when it comes to your tech setup and maintenance (based on your program needs), and dedicated support available to help you make it happen.

If you’re really interested and ready to go for it, here’s whats next…

I’m mentoring a select group of women so I have truly limited seats available.

Profit and Flow is my high-impact mentorship program that comes with implementation support, built for service-based business owners (in health, wellness and self-development). Here are a few highlights of what the program includes:

- An epic On-Boarding and Welcome Month sets you up for success and gives you a clear framework for 10K months.

- A 1:1 Intensive Kick-Off Call so we can focus in, see results and hit your next money milestone. 

Then, we work together to make your 10K goals a reality. This includes:

- a 2-Day Virtual Retreat  focused on planning strategy, implementation and quarterly review (happens each quarter you’re enrolled, and one per year is in LA).

- 1:1 Next Step Implementation Call every month.

- Dedicated Implementation Support - access to dedicated hands-on help and the resources you need to properly setup your program, launch it and maintain your program and experience.

- Recently Redesigned, Updated and Searchable Vault for 2019 with my very best resources and training (I share custom recommendations for resources to focus on each quarter).

- Monthly Q&A Call - submit your question in advance or attend live and get an answer and next step action to take.

- Monthly Co-Working Session - purely implementation time, let’s get it done.

- Monthly Training Call - based on what I know you need help with in real time.

- 1 Week off a Month for rest and implementation. (Chat, email and implementation support available every week.)

Because we work so together closely, this mentorship is by application only.

So, let's talk 1:1 to make sure we vibe first. Click the button below to apply.


"When you work with someone, you really have their success at heart. It's not just you sharing your information. It's you rooting for us... If you know that you have a message you want to share with the world, not just... your neighbors, your friends, your family but you have this deep yearning to share it with the world….this is the way to go. Trust this process, this is for you, this is it. You don’t have to look anywhere else."

Laure Carter  - Holistic Health Counselor and Healthy Cooking with Laure
12 Weeks to a Lighter You: Drop Unwanted Weight, Feel Healthier, Have More Energy and Confidence!

Yes, I Do Guarantee Profit and Flow works.


I created Profit and Flow, so you can fill your online signature program, make your mark and hit 10K per month. I know this framework works. I use it myself.

That's why I offer a guarantee. 

Look, I take this work seriously, so I do require that you do the work and submit it. However, if for some reason you begin the program and know in the first 21 days it's not right for you, simply email me at and you'll get a full refund.

A Little Bit About Maya

Hey, I’m Maya and I love showing you how to use your online signature program to make 10K per month your new normal!

Before I started my business in 2011, I sold online programs, taught online classes and created curriculum for other people.

For the last 7 years I’ve built, launched and successfully sold online signature programs and products for myself.

I love showing you how to do the same and leverage what you already know.

Have a question not covered here? Connect with me here. Or drop me a line at