How To Start Preparing Like You Mean It For Your Next Profitable Online Class

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Want to make sure I share today's lesson from the free email series this week.

It's an important one.

You might recall that having a clear plan, and working that plan is one of the best things you can do to prep for success and profit.

(I know that each time I launch, I need to get clear, have a plan and prepare for it in order for it to be a success!)

That starts with making sure my launch is something my ideal clients actually want and are happy to investment in.

So, if you do nothing else to plan for the profitable online you want to create next year, here are the two main things you need to do to get started:

#1 - Seek Feedback
Now is the ideal time to seek feedback from your clients (or potential clients). Don't wait. Get them involved in the process now.

Choose a specific way to connect with them and start to share your ideas.

One way to connect with your ideal clients is to find out what their favorite social media platform is (or start with your own) and begin to interact with them.

Engage. Help them. Answer their questions. Make thoughtful comments. Become a part of a community where your ideal client is already hanging out.
#2 - Validate Your Idea

Okay, if you've done #1, you've probably got some momentum going. You've connected with new people. You've started to talk to them about their needs and started to formulate and share your idea.

Now, it's time to make sure your ideal clients will actually buy.

That means you'll want to get real buy in before you ever start to create your online class.

Yes, that means, you'll want to make them an offer.

(By the way, you're going to be leveraging knowledge you already have when you do create your class, so don't worry about having to something pull out of thin air. You've already got something to share.)

Here's how to make the offer...

You can offer a workshop version of your class, focusing on one piece of what you want to launch.

Or, you might ask them to join your waiting list so you can notify them when you do launch.

In some way you want them to commit, with time or money. You want to make sure this is something they actually want. And, you want to make sure they're going to take action and follow through.

K, if you want to start brainstorming and work through the initial stages of your plan, I've got an 8-minute audio training to help get you started. Click here.

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Got a few minutes to start taking action now?

Revisit the two main things you need to get started above, then listen to the 8-minute audio training to get started.

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