There are some nasty rumors going around about a recession. Or is it a depression?

And of course, there is the reality of inflation and the ongoing pandemic too.

Plus there are only 71 days left in 2022… I counted.

Might as well lie down and give up now.

Someone crack open that spiked, spicy egg nog, and turn on This Christmas, Donny Hathaway edition. Everything is over.

Yeah no.

Not gonna let the doom and gloom talk make or break anything here.

Not gonna be mad about it either.

Folks are gonna talk.

Forecasting will happen.

The market will shift and change. It always will.

The reality of the situation is

You’ve got to learn to roll with it if you want your business to thrive if you want to make the impact you want to make if you want to change the lives you want to change.

Some insight?

Here’s what I think…

The last two years was an intro period for many who… did not understand online business, did not previously know it was a viable option, who didn’t know they could work from home for real.

Almost everyone else who wanted to know now knows… You can create a real sustainable business online. You can have a real viable career working 100% from home. Yay, and welcome

Let me pause here for a sec and say, this is most definitely an oversimplification…

Part II and an invite in your inbox tomorrow.