I love your emails, they are packed with juicy and wicked awesome information that makes me think. My brain hurts, but in a good way. You force me to see what is possible...thank you! 

Elsa Myers

Every Sunday (with the exception of a few holidays) I send a weekly email to my community.

Mostly, I share useful tips and training to help you get started with creating your signature program online.

Occasionally, I'll share what's going on behind the scenes and my insights as I grow my business.

I try to make my emails transparent and ​any trainings I share actionable and relevant. 

Below are a few of the emails I've shared with my newsletter subscribers:

There's Something You Should Know About Building Your Email List.

Want to Leverage Your Knowledge Online? Avoid These 3 Myths, And Ask These 3 Questions Instead.

What Should I Use to Build My Online Program? 

​How To Create A Better Process So You Produce Quality Content. (Use What You Already Know.)

'Cause a winner don’t quit on themselves…​

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