Laure Carter

12 Weeks to a Lighter You: Drop Unwanted Weight, Feel Healthier, Have More Energy and Confidence!

"There's also a tremendous mental, or psychological impact because this has given me an opportunity to really be face-to-face with some of my deep-seated fears that showed up in my work as self-doubt.

During the time that I worked with Maya, I was able to really shift that and to really come from a place of complete self-confidence and complete confidence in my work, complete confidence in the program that I have created with Maya's help.

With Maya's deep support (because I shared with her what I was going thru, and she supported me thru this process), I was able to get on the other side. 

What you will get as a result of trusting Maya is really asking for the value of your program. 

You will not be playing small

There's a particular type of person, of woman... She really has to be motivated because it's usually the woman who's tired of playing small, or at least recognizing, okay playing in the sandbox is not what I'm meant to do.

...Don't be afraid of the challenge.

The more challenging it has been, the greater the reward. Take it as an opportunity to go further, to grow deeper, and to really make your dreams happen.

Why not? Let's ask for it. Let's ask for the big thing!"