Okay, so today, let’s jam for just a few minutes or so about where you’re at when it comes to creating an onboarding and offboarding experience for your clients.

Here’s what I’m seeing often:

  • I see you manually vetting and running your own application process.
  • I see you struggling with bringing in your absolute most ideal clients, and sometimes struggling with clearly asserting boundaries with the right ones.
  • I see you longing for a well-held process that frees up your time, allows you to serve your clients better, one that makes everything so much smoother.

Is this resonating? How are you currently creating an experience for your clients from the very moment they enroll?

Everything you do creates some sort of experience for your clients – good or bad. What are your client’s experiencing?

IF you want to make sure you’re creating a stellar one, do take a few minutes (set aside some time – I’d say about 10 to 15 minutes) to answer the onboarding/offboarding assessment Qs below

  1. Are any of your onboarding or offboarding processes (things you know you need to do) to bring in clients currently being done manually (by you, your assistant, or a member of your staff)? This can include, but is not limited to: emails, logins, scheduling calls, access to program materials.)
  2. Do you have an application or a way for you to vet clients and make sure it’s a mutual fit to work together?
  3. Do you have a proven process for your 1:1 consult? welcome call? group calls? your offboarding call? onboarding call?
  4. Do you have a welcome email you love (because of what it does for you) that feels comprehensive, thoughtful and that sets the tone for what’s to come?
  5. Do you have a process that works for you when it comes to sending welcome gifts? welcome cards?
  6. Do you have a final wrap-up/recap email that works for helping clients wrap up work with you?
  7. Put yourself in your client’s shoes. How do you rate your own onboarding/offboarding process on a scale of 1 to 10? What would you change? What would you like to do differently? What have you been meaning to put into place?

Use these questions to help you evaluate where you’re at and what’s next with your onboarding process.

By the way, if this resonates… be sure to checkout Fully Vetted – it helps with one pain point that I’ve seen my 1:1 clients struggle with recently… This course helps you fully vet and enroll your most ideal clients, easily and successfully.

(Customizing a successful structure for onboarding and off-boarding policies and creating well-held experiences for clients is included.)

If you’re ready to create a well-held onboarding and offboarding experience for your clients, Fully Vetted was born from a need I see for my 1:1 clients who know they need to put a process in place to enroll their own clients. They understand that having a process (one that leads to structure and flow) can help free up their time, allow them to truly focus in their genius zone, and make it so much easier to create a wonderful client experience.