'Get it Handled' Tech Mentor Support ...starting at $178/month.

This Is...

Done-With-You Tech support with me.

You make a list of your tech questions. We hop on a  live Zoom call and you follow along with me to complete what you need. 

The call recording serves at the tutorial you can refer back to.

Feel free to ask me a general strategy question at the top of the call.

Keep in mind this call is primarily for tech, so I can't do a deep dive with strategy and next steps. But, I can share what I think about the next step you plan to take.

I'm offering 'Get it Handled' Tech Mentor Support at $178/month. 

What's Included...
- 1:1 call up to 90 minutes; or two 1:1 calls up to 45 minutes each.
- a recording of the call/s.
- a list of resources I recommend during the call/s.
- 72 business hour response time to truly 'quick to answer' emails. 

(Of course, I'll always answer your other emails as a workshop alumni. If you've got a need for more support, and lots of other questions, then that's probably a sign it's time for us to jump on a call.)

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 Jenny Shih 

 uncompromising business coach.


LOVE IT Maya Gaddie! The ladies who take you up on this are the smartest ones here because you know your stuff!!!

Crystal Smith

founder of

authentic woman mastermind.


I love the fact that you do take on more of a mentorship role... and launching my workshop. That was a big deal! I did that. Now I feel like I have something to build off of. And, I observe the way you serve. That's definitely how I want people to feel in my business.