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Fully Vetted: Onboard Your Most Ideal Clients, Easily and Successfully.

I created Fully Vetted in response to one major pain point I’ve seen my one to one clients struggle with again and again – regularly enrolling their right clients.

The Program

About Fully Vetted

Knowing that you can call in more clients by leveraging a process that shows you how to fully vet and enroll your most ideal clients easily and successfully is a pretty amazing way to grow your coaching business if you ask me! 

That’s why, when you join me for Fully Vetted, you’ll leave with a signature client enrollment process in place that gives you ultimate flexibility over how you work with your clients, so you know exactly how to make more money (and a bigger impact) every single time you open your doors. 

I created Fully Vetted so you can learn and implement my process for creating a highly profitable signature process for enrolling your clients, one that’s successful whether this is your first or fifth time using it. When you implement, you’ll get the skills you need to do it again and again with whatever you choose to create. 

(Customizing a successful structure for onboarding and offboarding policies and creating well-held experiences for clients is included!)

For over 9 years, I’ve helped women coaches, and small business owners, plan, build and launch profitable signature programs online.

So, this is not something I just pasted together overnight and decided to share with you “just to see what happens”.

Fully Vetted is a process, a framework, that’s been tried and proven over years of work, sweat and repeatable results with a variety of different businesses and business models.

This is the process I use, and teach my clients to use that helps them finally remove themselves as the bottleneck and have a smooth, aligned way, to connect with new clients and confidently bring them into their business knowing they’ll get the results they need and the experience they crave.


“Having Maya in my corner, checking up and having to be accountable to her made the launch happen, period. If it wasn’t for Maya, I would not be having this conversation and it would not have launched… The work that you helped me to do is priceless.”

The Program

How It Works

This is a custom, 8-week program that happens from the comfort of your home. When you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email and the details to join me via video conference. I like to personalize your experience, so I’ll guide you through each phase of fully vetting your clients and help you make sure you’re prepared to be successful inside the program. There will be plenty of time to answer your questions and get feedback about where you’re currently at on your journey. Here’s what’s included:

  • two 1:1 calls, your onboarding and offboarding call. 
  • 6 modules of core content, and 2 implementation weeks.
  • step by step trainings to help you customize, and answer your most common questions.
  • live support, direct 1:1 access to me via Slack, and our weekly client community call. 
  • I’ll share how to get the most out of the program before we begin with a welcome email that shares everything you need to get started. 
When you finish this program, you’ll have a smooth experience for your clients, from start to finish.
Maya Gaddie Writing Y

Fully Vetted is me, taking you by the hand, and walking you through my process for creating an amazing client experience – one that leads to structure and flow, that helps you free up your time and that allows you to truly focus on working in your genius zone. 

Fully Vetted also gives you an easy to repeatable process. It’s my simple framework you can use to fine tune how you easily and successfully enroll your most ideal clients each time you run or sell your program.

As you implement this program, you will…

  • shift the way you onboard so you’re no longer a “bottleneck” and so you stop running up against capacity issues – serve the women you want to serve well and open your doors when you want. 
  • put a clear (and human) process in place to onboard and offboard your clients. 
  • deliver your program so it lends to a well-held client experience. 
  • craft an ’easy to follow along with and implement’ in-program experience for your clients. 
  • enjoy balance, freedom, and the life you’ve created for yourself – on your terms, in command of your time, while doing your very best work. 

“The results that I’ve had working with you, they’re just priceless. I’ve been able to walk away, after spending that time with you, with a complete program from beginning to end with all the bells and whistles and everything that I need to deliver a transformative program to the ladies that trust me to deliver for them.”

Most Frequently Asked Questions… 

Is this live or online? Both. This is 100% online. We’ll use Zoom to connect via live video. (You’ll be able to see me. I’ll be able to see you. I’ll be able to share my screen, and you’ll be able to share yours.) This program also comes with a recording of everything we do. Important Note: I recommend you use the video option, but you can also call into Zoom using any phone line. (That’s one of the reasons I picked Zoom. It’s been reliable for me, and I like to use tools my clients can easily use too!) We always have UberConference setup as our reliable backup should we have any issues with Zoom since it’s so popular these days.

I want to complete this process in a 1:1 format. You can also work with me to customize a 1:1 VIP workshop that’s just right for you, simply let me know, email me at heymaya@mayagaddie.com

Who is this program designed for? IF you have an existing coaching practice, business or process and a program, or work, you regularly do with your clients, this is for you. Together we’ll work around your existing services, experiences and preferences to customize Fully Vetted in a way that works for you. Drop me a line at heymaya@mayagaddie.com if you have a question about how this can work for you. 

Can I reschedule if I need to? If you need to reschedule, you absolutely can, with no penalty. Simply let me know and you can attend any future live round, up to 12 months from your original date.

What is the investment? The investment starts in the $3K range. Payment options are available.

QUESTIONS: Reach out at heymaya@mayagaddie.com or book a time to chat.