My Little Known Secret to Getting (and Staying) Organized: The Weekly Expert Date

As someone who’s been a small business owner, and worked for myself for years, I 1000% understand the need to stay organized. I also understand the value of knowing how to keep yourself in check.

Over the last decade I’ve developed a set of simple questions that keep me on point – with my numbers, with my business admin and with how I use my time.

I’ve distilled it down into what I like to call my “Expert Date”.

While I have a dedicated time I complete my “expert date” each week (typical Fridays to close out my week, or Mondays as I begin my week), I also have questions I only answer yearly, and some questions I only answer quarterly.

This simple set of questions though? They are everything – because when I answer them I have a clear 360° view of exactly what’s happening in my business.

How are you keeping yourself organized and in check?

 Click here to get a copy of my Expert Date to get organized and review your week like a CEO.

Or, make a google sheets copy of my Expert Date here.