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Did You Do The Work?

Do you ever feel like NOT “doing the work”?

I’m certain you do.

Ever had to drag yourself out of bed in the morning?

Turned in something past deadline?

Forgot to do the most important thing first?

Feel like screaming, like you’re the total sum of age of 5.... "I don’t wanta, I don’t wanta, I don’t wanta!!!"

We all have.

And we all know that it’s too damn bad.

So, you strap up, find your cajones and do what you have to.

Because the people who do the work, get the reward.

They don’t need to be overly talented, or brilliant or even good people.

They showed up. They did the work. They got the result.

And sometimes, it’s just that simple.

Sometimes, you’ll need a nap, a break and a reboot.

Sometimes, you’re doing the wrong stuff and you need to “check yourself, before you wreck yourself”. (Yes, I just used an Ice Cube rap song reference.)


But most of the time. It’s your own damn fault.

The deeper I dig and the more I learn on this fascinating and ever so lovely entrepreneurial journey of mine… I find this…

There is no secret to success.

What it's actually about is not complaining, not contemplating, not whining, not waiting.

It is about Consistency. Regular Action. Starting Before You’re Ready.

Some of my favorite entrepreneurs (Ramit Sethi, Denise Duffield-Thomas and Stephanie St. Claire) agree with me.

Maybe you should consider it too.

All Gratitude,