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What My Clients Say About Their Success

In their own words…

Laure Carter

During the time that I worked with Maya, I was able to really shift that and to really come from a place of complete self-confidence and complete confidence in my work, complete confidence in the program that I have created with Maya’s help.

Samone Thomas Blakely

The results that I’ve had working with you, they’re just priceless. I’ve been able to walk away, after spending that time with you, with a complete program from beginning to end with all the bells and whistles and everything that I need to deliver a transformative program to the ladies that trust me to deliver for them.

Mina Aidoo

…I’d been on my journey, but I had no idea how to piece it together in order to share with other people. Maya really helped me to unmix and …clarify the steps and hold my hand, and walk me through, and sort of reflect back to me as well, what I knew, and how to share it with the women that would resonate with it.

Jen Navaro

…I felt the need to teach something that I wish I would’ve had when I started in the makeup industry… I know I can do it now. I think before it was a question in my mind… This is something I feel I’ve created that I actually own… It’s important for me to feel like I’m helping somebody to improve their life, or like go forward to do something that they want to do…”

Octavia Vance

I knew I wanted to get my work out there in some type of way and that I wanted to do a course, but I had no idea where to start… …so much that I didn’t know that it would take too long to be searching for on the internet, that the class just gave me literally right out of the bat.

Charlotte Nuessle

…gave me an opportunity to reflect back on how I organize myself and my work as an entrepreneur, and how I engage in action.

Bridgette Simmonds

Having Maya in my corner, checking up and having to be accountable to her made the launch happen, period. If it wasn’t for Maya, I would not be having this conversation and it would not have launched. The work that you helped me to do is priceless.

Diane de Jesús RD

…what I have now is not just a completed program with the content all done but a plan for next steps! …You really have turned things around for me.”

Eden Croft

I was really able to specialize and hone in… I was able to implement week by week, step by step with accountability, with accountability. The engine has been proven over and over again. It works….

Amber Dugger

…Even if decide to do something completely different than money coaching… I have now this beautiful system and method to take an idea and make it into a reality. So that’s really been a huge thing. …You’re a shining example of your own method.