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I love working with powerhouse female business owners who are ready to love the work they do (and how the do it)! So, I have a brief application process to make sure I can help you - I only accept clients who are an amazing fit for the work I do, clients I know I can help get amazing results

Step 1: Book yourself in for a call. Be sure to answer the Qs I ask before you finalize your booking.

Step 2: If you dont' see a time that works for you, or have a questions about the application, drop us a line at

"...I’d been on my journey, but I had no idea how to piece it together in order to share with other people. Maya really helped me to unmix and ...clarify the steps and hold my hand, and walk me through, and sort of reflect back to me as well, what I knew, and how to share it with the women that would resonate with it." 

- Mina Aidoo, Reconnect: The Online Embodiment Talk for Women Who Want To Connect with Their Bodies

"...what I have now is not just a completed program with the content all done but a plan for next steps! ...You really have turned things around for me." 

- Diane de Jesús RD, 5 Simple Steps for a Successful Start to Breastfeeding

"...Even if decide to do something completely different than money coaching... I have now this beautiful system and method to take an idea and make it into a reality. So that's really been a huge thing. ...You're a shining example of your own method."

- Amber Dugger, Purposeful Sales Target Calculator for Health Coaches