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Created Her Own Rules and Set Her Own Tone

“I was really able to specialize and hone in… I was able to implement week by week, step by step with accountability. The engine has been proven over and over again. It works…” – Eden Croft


Everything Needed To Deliver A Transformative Program

“The results that I’ve had working with you, they’re just priceless. I’ve been able to walk away, after spending that time with you, with a complete program from beginning to end with all the bells and whistles and everything that I need to deliver a transformative program to the ladies that trust me to deliver for them.” – Samone Thomas Blakely


Boosted Her Income And Impact To Serve More People

“Having Maya in my corner, checking up and having to be accountable to her made the launch happen, period. If it wasn’t for Maya, I would not be having this conversation and it would not have launched… The work that you helped me to do is priceless.” Bridgette Simmonds


Able to Shift Into Complete Confidence With Her Work

“During the time that I worked with Maya, I was able to really shift that and to really come from a place of complete self-confidence and complete confidence in my work, complete confidence in the program that I have created with Maya’s help.” – Laure Carter