'Cause a winner don't quit on themselves…

...a common client question: “I guess I also fear that I will finish it...but I will still fail. ...Like it will be a failure.” (She was referring to the next level of her business.)

My response? Failure is part of the process. You have to be willing to fail. You also have to be willing to succeed. After you've done it for a while, it will become second nature. You’ll know that failure is just feedback and you'll make the pivots you need to be successful along the way.

Her response? You're so right! Thanks for the reminder. Damn I need to keep my mind on track.

Now, I know this question comes from a woman who is amazing at what she does...she’s already seen success with her online program and with her community. ...and, oh her community shows her so much love.

But, guess what? We all have fears… regardless of where we’re at.

I know I do.

But, I also know that while failure is something we all think about… Success is what comes with how you respond when you fail, or have a setback, or when things don’t go as planned.

Funny enough, when I think of failure and how to respond to it, I think of my grandmother.

She’s a spitfire of a women. Raised 4 kids while getting her Masters and then went for her Doctorate. In 1957….at a time when she wasn’t supposed to be there...she carved the way for those who were later welcomed. And, in her words, still had time to keep her “figure together”.

She always reminds me… “You gotta work on it if you want it.”

I had the pleasure of being her guest at her 50th class reunion.

Once we got settled in at the hotel and rested, she showed me around the university. She showed me the library and told me the story of the librarian who always had her back and got her the books she needed and held them just for her.

She told me the story of other classmates that stood up for up when she faced discrimination. And, she shared how she overcame and kept coming everyday because she wanted it.

It’s what she told me afterwards that’s stuck...

I’ll never forget, it was just after the luncheon with her classmates, some she hadn't seen for 50 years, and we were walking to the parking lot...checking out the campus sites along the way… and she said to me:

It feels good to be back here and remember everything I accomplished. Just remember, Don’t let anybody stop you. If you want it keep working on it until you get it. It doesn’t always turn out as planned, but you get so much when you just show up and try. Don’t think about what you don’t have; think about what you do have and keep moving forward. You will succeed.

And, in that moment, coming from her, it was everything I needed...possibly for my entire life.

When, I find myself slipping, I think of her and what she was able to accomplish when it was impossible. She decided what was possible. She choose what success was for her and went and got it.

She definitely knew that failure would be part of her process. In fact, everyone expected her to fail, but she did it anyway.

Is it your turn? 

Is it your time for a simple mindset shift? ...to focus on success, instead of being afraid to fail?

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