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You Show Up For Your Clients. Are You Clear About How You Want to Show Up For Yourself?

Just checking in on ya…

So, how’s summer going for you so far?

I know on my end it was a bit of a whirlwind in July. I finally had an opportunity to take an extended road trip to see family. 

(It’s something I’d been plotting and planning about for a while.)

While I was on that trip, I had a chance to reflect because I built in the time to do so.

And, even though I was a bit nervous about finding the right space, I didn’t have much of a choice.

I ended up at the one and only co-working space in my hometown. (Who knew there would only be one!)

The fact that there was only one made me feel really uneasy. And I immediately started to fear the worst. 

So, I had a ton of questions…
– Would they have good wifi? 
– Will I feel comfortable enough to work? 
– Do they even offer private offices…or will it only be communal? 
– How will I stay hydrated? Can I bring my own coffee? Lol.

Luckily, my fears vanished after meeting the owner of the co-working space.

He offered to clean up his private office, a minimalist and private space equipped with…
– the right amount of light
– excellent wifi (I mean it was lightning fast) 
– a comfortable chair and desk space so I could just focus on my work.
– and an easy to use coffeemaker and a place to stash my own coffee.

So even though I was a bit nervous about finding the right space, it all worked out when I reached out and asked for help.

I got thoughtful customer service, a private space to have my client meetings, and time to reflect.

During that time, I considered what I’ve done, where I’ve been and what’s next in my business. 

I made some plans and took some actions ya’ll.

I also came back with 3 words…
– Simple.
– Powerful.
– Connected.

And, I’m claiming those words, embodying them, making them a central part of how I do business.

I truly believe things can be…
– simple and still ultra-successful.
– powerful and still get results.
– connected and still balanced.

I know we often think about words for the year, at the beginning of the year.

Now, is as good a time as any, to think about what’s next for you.

Take some time this weekend and think back to what you declared for yourself at the beginning of this year…

What words, feelings, actions did you commit to?

What can you shift now to get back on track, or how can you take what you committed to, to the next level?



P.S. Click Here for one way you can start to make a shift forward. (I’ve been told that the application alone is worth filling out because it asks the right questions and helps you review exactly where you are…)