Laure Carter

12 Weeks to a Lighter You: Drop Unwanted Weight, Feel Healthier, Have More Energy and Confidence!

During the time that I worked with Maya, I was able to really shift that and to really come from a place of complete self-confidence and complete confidence in my work, complete confidence in the program that I have created with Maya's help.

With Maya's deep support (because I shared with her what I was going thru, and she supported me thru this process), I was able to get on the other side. 

What you will get as a result of trusting Maya is really asking for the value of your program. 

You will not be playing small

There's a particular type of person, of woman... She really has to be motivated because it's usually the woman who's tired of playing small, or at least recognizing, okay playing in the sandbox is not what I'm meant to do.

...Don't be afraid of the challenge.

The more challenging it has been, the greater the reward. Take it as an opportunity to go further, to grow deeper, and to really make your dreams happen.

Why not? Let's ask for it. Let's ask for the big thing!"

Nache' Snow

The Life Cleanse Journal

"...Maya was very trustworthy and easy to talk to and it was just clear to me that she really, really knew her stuff.

...I just think that if anyone is really ready to figure out how to up level their business, if they have content that they are generating for free, and they want to know how to like monetize it.....

that this is the program for them."

Charlotte Nuessle

Tune Into Your Nervous System: Discover Its Rhythm and Movement

"Participating in this weekend workshop gave me an opportunity to reflect back on how I organize myself and my work as an entrepreneur, and how I engage in action..."

Eden Croft

Prosper In Beauty Presents Make Your First Conditioner: The Conditioner Base Block Workshop

" I felt like you truly cared about my progress. Like you were all in for both of us to win!  

...and the constant looking at results and actual numbers instead of some like airy fairy stuff in my head about how I’m progressing. And so, I really feel motivated...

... I’ve learned to value what I do because once you actually get in there and start doing the work you realize how much time it takes and how much energy it takes and how much value someone is getting. You get confidence!"

Samone Blakely

Choose The Right Man

"You have helped me make my business better because you pretty much helped me build it from the ground up....

Sold 10 spots in a class and I thought the price would scare people away... You helped me realize that just because I don't sell B2B, it doesn't mean that I can't make a profitable living off of selling a course online.

I made so much progress..."

Mina Aidoo

Reconnect: The Online Embodiment Talk for Women Who Want To Connect with Their Bodies

"...I’d been on my journey, but I had no idea how to piece it together in order to share with other people.

Maya really helped me to unmix and ...clarify the steps and hold my hand, and walk me through, and sort of reflect back to me as well, what I knew, and how to share it with the women that would resonate with it.

…and it is fun, and you do it with other women, and we’re all in the same boat and it is great. ...it helps you to overcome your perfectionist tendencies…because you just have to get it out."

Diane de Jesús RD

5 Simple Steps for a Successful Start to Breastfeeding

"I think before your weekend workshop I was thinking and dreaming and brainstorming about my own business plans, entrepreneurial plans for a good 7 or 8 years…. The longer I waited the more excuses I came up with.

After the weekend workshop ...what I have now is not just a completed program with the content all done but a plan for next steps!

...You really have turned things around for me."

Linda Sherwin

Be Heard! Get A Jumpstart on the 4-Step Process for Showing Up, Saying What You Mean and Getting What You Want

"When I had time with you it was truly solid, focused time….

You are so generous, you….give! I mean, we’ve all gone into sessions where it’s almost like someone gives you the recipe but they just leave out that special little ingredient that would really take it over the top.

You’re so generous in everything you give, whether it’s your checklists, a step-by-step process, your calendars…. you just give!"

Jen Navaro

Confusion to Confidence with Makeup Artist Jen Navaro

"…I felt the need to teach something that I wish I would’ve had when I started in the makeup industry…

I know I can do it now. I think before it was a question in my mind

This is something I feel I’ve created that I actually own... It's important for me to feel like I'm helping somebody to improve their life, or like go forward to do something that they want to do..."

Crystal Smith 

Authentic Woman Mastermind and Authority in the Word Bookclub

"I love the fact that you do take on more of a mentorship role... and launching my workshop.

That was a big deal! I did that.

Now I feel like I have something to build off of. And, I observe the way you serve. That's definitely how I want people to feel in my business."

Amber Dugger

Purposeful Sales Target Calculator for Health Coaches

"...Even if decide to do something completely different than money coaching... I have now this beautiful system and method to take an idea and make it into a reality.

So that's really been a huge thing. ...You're a shining example of your own method.

I've doubled my list, I've made money off my new thing, which is huge, like I have my first real group program. I've done 1 on 1 coaching for a long time. But to actually be able to say now, okay I have a group starting... that was something, a big thing!"

Octavia Vance

Be Truly Faithful Sexinar Series

"I knew I wanted to get my work out there in some type of way and that I wanted to do a course, but I had no idea where to start...

...so much that I didn't know that it would take too long to be searching for on the internet, that the class just gave me literally right out of the bat.

Had never done anything like that before online, and charged for it, and people paid

That was a really big think for me, that boosted my confidence. That okay, I know what I want to do, and I want to do this again. But, the main thing was I actually completed something and got it out there..."

Carl "Crush" Foster

An Electric Journey: How to Ignite an Alkaline Lifestyle

"Thanks for helping me build my first course, which became a book, which became an even better course.

You provide an extremely valuable service to anyone wanting to get their idea into a format to teach others.

Just wanted to... tell your folks know how amazing things have been since working with you."

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