Why What you Were Raised to Believe Will Kill your Creativity

“I was raised to believe...”

How often do you hear the phrase?

Too often, I think.

Sticking with what you know just because that was “how you were raised” is no excuse to stop growing and expanding. Consider this. I had an incredibly good upbringing.

There were no silver spoons nor was there a stack of of money lying around, quite the opposite. ...but there was love, care and great attention to details, the little things.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without my mother, grandmother and father’s input and strong personalities (and music choices).

But, that doesn’t mean I stopped learning, expanding and growing when I left home.

What you were raised to believe will kill your creativity, if you let it, and it shouldn’t be your only reference point for how to do good in the world.

You, the adult you, should be exactly who you are and continue to strive to the best person you can be.

That means, you shouldn’t do things just because you should do them.

You should go to school ONLY because you’re supposed to. And, curse words are okay. Or maybe, for you, they really aren’t okay, but you should damn sure know what works for you by now.

And, your parents, they didn’t teach you that.

They couldn’t have… you have to find your own way to continue to grow and become a better you.

Maybe your parents did teach you to treat others differently, to hide things, to make things look good on the surface or to do the “right thing” just because...

So stop for a moment. Do you think you should stay at that job you hate or exclude yourself from certain things because that’s what you saw your favorite Uncle Jeff do or because that’s what your parents said was best?

Probably not.

So, stop using that as an excuse.

You already know it’s not a valid one.

It’s time to start creating exactly how you want to live.

It’s not how can I please others and act in accordance to how I was raised.

It what will it take for me to feel free and full of joy and extend that feeling out to the rest of humanity.

And, if you’re a creative and entrepreneur, like me, it turns out, that’s the best way to be creative anyway.

Stay Open,

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