Want to Leverage Your Knowledge Online? Avoid These 3 Myths, And Ask These 3 Questions Instead.

Regardless of the what type of online business you want to build, you want to leverage what you know.

You see eventually, you'll want to reach more customers and make more of an impact online.

One of the very best ways to do that is to launch a profitable online program. (This applies to online workshops too.)

There's something else. You see, even when you're just starting out, learning how to create something based on what you know and sharing it in a super effective way that makes more of your clients want to buy from you is just something you need to know, in general.

Either way, I often see my clients get stuck when they assume 3 major myths about launching a profitable online program are true.

But, there's just simply no truth to these myths and they could be holding you back from what you can really accomplish when you leverage your knowledge by creating your own intellectual property.

Below I breakdown the 3 myths and share the 3 questions you should ask yourself instead:

Myth #1 - I've Got To Have A Big List To Successfully Launch A Profitable Online Program. This just isn't the case. You can launch with a very small list. (Think 30 or less.)

Regardless of the size of your email list, it's about having engagement...not numbers. When I started my business back in 2011, I had about 30 people on my list.

Every single one of those 30 people were current paying clients. What mattered is they were engaged, opening and clicking through, and buying, again and again.

Instead of focusing on getting a whole bunch of people on a list without finding out if those people even care about what you're saying first, ask yourself this question instead:

Question To Ask Instead: When I connect with someone I want to serve (even if it's just one person), how can I show them that I understand them, that I can help them solve their problem?

Myth #2 - I Need A Lot of Time To Create A Program With Worksheets, Handout, Videos and More. ...Oh My! Nope, not true. This myth is often followed by...well I want it to be perfect the very first time.

Nope, also not happening. Look, the first run of your online program is just that...an introduction. When you try to make it "perfect" and you've never even had students go through it, that's bananas...save yourself and your sanity.

Create the professional and simple version that's meant to help your students get results instead. Prove your concept. Work with your students. Get their feedback. Make something good even better.

I've seen too many folks in the online space try this "let me create the perfect program the first time out of the gate" thing. They often leave the experience burned out and their programs don't sell out because of it.

And, if it does work they often scale it back to a simpler version that really focuses on implementation and student results. Save yourself the time. Do the minimum viable, and iterate as you go.

Question To Ask Instead: How can I create the first version of my online program (or online workshop) that gets my clients their first specific result from working with me?

Myth #3 - Oh, But I Need To Have A Great Idea, Then I'll Think About Launching An Online Program. Nope, that doesn't work. Look, I'm all for you exploring your creative side and if you create the next Facebook, I'll be the first one cheering you on.

But, that's not really what you need to launch a profitable online program. For your program to work, you need a Validated Idea.

That means you'll need to spend time talking to your audience, finding out their burning wants and nurturing them to purchase. You want to spend more time creating massive value, making the connection and asking for the sale, less time thinking of great ideas.

Great Idea = something else to write in your notebook and think about.

Validated Idea = one thing you've actually shared with your audience, gotten them excited about and inspired them to take the next step with you and purchase.

Two very different things. Yes.

Question To Ask Instead: How can I validate my idea in a way that sets me up to create massive value and ask for the sale (so I can give them even more value and help them amplify their results).

Rock on. These are the 3 myths and the 3 questions to ask instead. Your turn to try it out for yourself.

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