Watch some of my clients share their experience, in their own words...

Watch Samone's Story...

Samone's a busy married mom, working full time and building her business around helping other women love the life they live. She made serious progress and was able to build an email list that converts, sell to consumers, not other business owners, launch her first profitable workshop, class and membership community and make new business friends on a similar path.

Watch Amber's Story...

When I met Amber she was on a mission to leave corporate and she's done an amazing job making her dream a reality. While working together, she made serious progress and was able to launch her first online group program and successfully switched her business focus. Plus, when she focused in, she doubled her email list and brought in more clients. It's amazing what can happen once you get focused!

Watch Octavia's Story...

Octavia is an amazing, busy married mom who’s focused on growing her platform and online business around workshops for wives who want the best marriage possible. Octavia also made serious progress while working with me. She learned how to create content for her program, what tools to use, had her first profitable workshop (then launched two more!), got laser focused on what she needs to do next, improved her money mindset and, for the first time, got support tailored to her unique needs.

Watch Christy's Story...

Christy is also a busy married mom growing her business online. She's all about helping women reawaken their genius and reclaim their life! She's got decades of experience but decided to bring her business online in the last couple of years. When we worked together she made serious progress, got the answers she need to move forward, claimed her confidence and got the support she needed to move forward and create a successful online class and workshop.

a little more praise from some of my clients...

I also serve other ladies just like you, who help other women create better, more fulfilling lives. They got some pretty outstanding results. They also got their excuses out the window, streamlined their efforts, and gained confidence that this is something they can do too! Here's what they had to say...

I love the fact that you do take on more of a mentorship role. ...and launching. ...and launching my workshop. That was a big deal! I did that. Now I feel like I have something to build off of. And, I observe the way you serve. That's definitely how I want people to feel in my business.

Crystal Smith

I knew that I didn’t know, what I didn't know… I had this idea of a big scary concept… You took all that big scariness out of it and really streamlined it for me. You made it approachable. You’re accessible. The way that you showed me, just made it so simple... I also love the fact that people can reach out to you, connect with you, get an answer from you. You put so much value out there without any expectation in return.That attitude of abundance I really connect with. …it tells me that there’s so much more you have to offer. It really makes it a no brainer for people to work with you.

Bailey Frumen

...Maya is whip smart, super tech savvy... She helped me get crystal clear... I highly recommend working with her!

Umoh Luna

“I feel smarter. Not overwhelmed with to-do’s, but clarity and precision on what I needed to move forward. Hell yes! I wish I knew you three to four years ago. I wouldn’t have sifted through the internet, lost in space and details. I realized there’s an easier, smarter way to create a sustainable online business. You are really talented in flushing out the fluff to get to the stuff that really matters. I love that!

Rhina Ju

"It was such a pleasure to work with Maya. Her ability to meet me where I was at was extremely valuable to me as a beginner, and I have seen her do the same with more advanced clients as well. Going into our first phone meeting I was frazzled and all over the map. After taking one of her courses I felt I had a clearer picture of the “how’s and why’s of the path I should take and the immediate next steps. ...helped me become more accountable to myself regarding actualizing my goals. All around, the experience gave me great value for the investment.”

Eden Croft

Maya is one of those rare finds. She is incredible with her details and the ability to deliver exactly what she sets out to do with you. ...hands on and helped me to launch my business and understand aspects of online marketing that I had not considered. She will out do your expectations and impress you with her level of professionalism and accessibility."

Shannon Shue

My experience with Maya's challenge was amazing--her challenge was one of the first ones where I actually got results--previously I had created classes but had put in tons of effort but with 0 amounts in revenue. With the help of Maya kicking my butt in only 5 days I had my first sale within 10 minutes! I want to thank her for being so clear and structured in the challenge and highly recommend her program!

Li Lin