Hey! I'm Maya.

I’m glad you’re here. I specialize in working with coaches who are ready to create and deliver a transformative signature programYou’re probably wondering who I am and what experience I have that will allow you to entrust me with your business. 

Maya Gaddie International was born in 2011 when I realized I was the magic, and that I could actualize my dreams of having a sustainable online business – one that combined my passions for technology, writing and showing others how to monetize what they already know. 

Nowadays, coaches come to me when they’re ready to do their best work, with their most ideal clients.

We work together so you embody who you are, what you teach and what you stand for – in a way that gets your clients results.

If you’re anything like my typical clients, you have plenty of knowledge, wisdom, and experience when it comes to working with your clients. But you’re ready to take what you’ve already created to the next level. You want your clients to have the ultimate experience when they work with you. 

Let me tell ya… It’s so incredibly rewarding to create the experience you want your clients to have from start to finish. Keep scrolling

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What if I told you there really is a better way?

You absolutely can design how you work with your clients. 

When we work together, we use my process, my framework, that’s been tried and proven over years of work, sweat and repeatable results with a variety of different businesses and business models. 

This is the process I use, and teach my clients to use, that helps them get the results they need and the signature program experience they crave

Core Values

Here’s a quick glimpse at the values I use to lead my business forward…


Clarified Her Steps To Reach Her Most Ideal Clients

“…I’d been on my journey, but I had no idea how to piece it together in order to share… Maya really helped me to unmix and clarify the steps and hold my hand, and walk me through, and sort of reflect back to me as well, what I knew, and how to share it with the women that would resonate with it.” 

mina aidoo, choreographer and Non-Linear Movement Method® teacher


Who is Maya Gaddie?

I’m a business coach and mentor for women coaches (leadership coaches, life coaches and business coaches) who own a coaching firm or coaching practice. I show my clients how to do their best work, with their most ideal clients by giving them the structure and accountability they need to create and deliver a transformative signature program. 

Before starting my business in 2011, I sold online programs, taught online classes and created online curriculum in corporate and academia. Over the last 9 years, I’ve helped over 300 coaches create purposeful and profitable signature programs online.

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Intentional. Thoughtful. Custom. That’s how I roll. Checkout the options below to begin your journey – reach out at heymaya@mayagaddie.com – when you’re ready for your next step.




On Bring More You to Your Work, I have candid conversations on what it means to live and run a business in these times and I share lessons I’ve learned along the way.




Weekly emails are how I stay in touch. I typically share insight or strategy around how to take your signature program, or your coaching practice to the next phase.



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