Hey, I'm Maya Gaddie.

I help my clients create transformational coaching programs that improve their client’s lives. 

My signature program framework is an easy to repeat process that shows you how to create transformative content, map your path to recurring revenue, and deliver your program with ease. 

I love showing you how to design a program that is profitable and purposeful. 

My clients say the structure, guidance, and accountability I provide helped them complete a program that produces amazing results. You can find some of their stories here.

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On Bring More You to Your Work, I share practical strategies and have candid conversations with business owners creating transformation with their work. 

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Everything Needed To Deliver A Transformative Program

“The results that I’ve had working with you, they’re just priceless. I’ve been able to walk away, after spending that time with you, with a complete program from beginning to end with all the bells and whistles and everything that I need to deliver a transformative program to the ladies that trust me to deliver for them.” 

Samone Thomas Blakely, dating coach and founder of @curved2cuffed