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Signature Program

Straight to the point, no-nonsense guidance to help you create the best work of your life. For women coaches.

Hey! I’m Maya Gaddie. I help women coaches do their best work, with their most ideal clients by giving them the structure and accountability they need to create and deliver a transformative signature program.

Want the work you do to embody who you are, what you stand for and what you teach? You’re in the right place.

Create Transformative Content For Your Signature Program

Get your copy of my highly useful, super-actionable training series, 3 Little Known Shifts: Start Creating Transformative Content For Your Signature Program to help you get started.

This 3-part audio training is a basic foundation for shifting your mindset, message and money so you can clearly and confidently say what’s on your mind.

Use this training any time you want to create transformative content for your clients.

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